The Stibbert Museum



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A few weeks ago I visited the Stibbert Museum, located on the Northern end of Florence. This grand museum contained over 36,000 artifacts, and the museum itself is elaborately decorated floor to ceiling. Some of the collections inside included European Armory, Islamic Armory, Japanese Armory, Paintings, and Ceramics.

One interesting aspect about the museum is that it requires you to view the museum in grouped tours. The small group I joined up with unfortunately only spoke Italian so I tried to in as much as I could visually. One commonality that I noticed with all the armories was that although they were all associated stylistically with their region, they all were elaborately decorated and adorned with the finest metals and materials. This somewhat shocked me that so much work would be put into clothing that was likely to get damaged or destroyed. However, if these items were used by men of power, I could understand the importance of appearance when it came to representing your country and its power.

I really appreciated how every room was adorned in decor that fit the period and region represented by the artifacts. It really added to the grand effect of war and transported you into a different time and place. I couldn’t possibly imagine the value of this museum from what I saw.

Though the subject material was not my favorite in this museum, I felt that just walking through the rooms was an incredible experience to have. I would recommend this museum to any war or history buff.


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