Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland…where to begin? She truly was one of a kind. In life, her overt personality could be perceived in a negative way, but in fashion, her novel point of view was a breath of fresh air. She revolutionized the world of fashion print by taking Harper’s Bazaar and VOGUE from women’s magazines to new outlooks on fashion and its role in our lives. In the film, there was one point when she said her goal was to give people what they weren’t getting at home. She was referring to fantasy. She added an element of fantasy to the magazines, and fantasy sells. Her utilization of this concept created new desire for the magazines, and her instinctive ability to choose content for the magazines’ spreads was unparalleled.

My favorite aspect of this woman is her strong appreciation of all things unique. She celebrated oddity when others wrote it off as “ugly.” But Diana, being a bit odd-looking herself, capitalized on those very elements which one might see as unattractive. It takes an incredible person to go against the grain the way she did. Her story is inspiring for all who have ever felt insecure because of something “ugly” about themselves.

I also appreciate her ability to see beyond a person’s appearance, as if into their soul. She was attracted to those who had unseen traits, beneath the surface, that most people would not find by looking at a person. Her goal was to capture those qualities and share them with the world. For an industry that thrives on appearance, Diana recognized that the real interest was not appearance based, rather, it was a demeanor, posture, or underlying inner nature that makes people interesting and attractive.

-Rachel Weaver

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