Gucci Museo

The Gucci Museo was very interesting to see. I always knew that Guccio Gucci and the creative directors that followed him were very talented designers and the brand has become iconic, but I did not know the extent of the product lines throughout the history of the brand. These included uggage, car interiors, handbags, other accessories, and lifestyle merchandise for the home and everyday life. Gucci clearly had a good sense of “lifestyle branding” even before it was a popular goal for designers. He made it possible for the Gucci products to be a part of each moment in a person’s life and communicate luxury whether in the car, in the kitchen, or in the closet.

It is clear from looking through this exhibit that quality was and is a key element for the Gucci label, and the quality was and is a key element for the Gucci label, and the quality remained consistent across the various product lines. When a consumer sees the GG logo, it evokes a sense of class and brand history that Guccio Gucci wanted to communicate. I liked seeing the “Logomania” room because of this. One of the written introductions even said that the logo is now a “symbol of heritage in modernity.” The logo placed so obviously on many of these pieces is a way for the consumer to communicate his or her status. This would attract many to purchase items from the Gucci label, in addition to the fact that high quality is assumed with anything containing GG.

My absolute favorite portion of the museum was the evening wear section. It is one thing to see a beautiful gown on the red carpet, but it is another thing entirely to see them up close in real life. The level of skill required to create these gowns is highly evident when looking at the detailed beading and stitching. It is pieces like this that, in my opinion, classify fashion as an art form.


–Rachel Weaver

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