Mazzanti Piume Atelier


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A few weeks ago we visited the Mazzanti Piume Atelier. This incredible textile production workshop gave us an intimate look into the design and production of textiles. We started the tour by looking at a wall COVERED in cardboard textile designs. I had no idea there were so many possibilities! Really, the possibilities for textiles can reach as far as the mind can create. I thought it was  especially interesting that some of these textiles changed shape when they were opened and closed.

We were also shown how textiles were pressed into fabrics and other materials. This step requires multiple people and close attention to detail to ensure the fabric and textile is aligned properly. I loved seeing all of the textile examples he had to show us once they were finished. The textures were incredible!

As difficult it is to create a textile, destroying one is far easier. Depending on the material, many textiles can be released from the fabric simply by ironing it out. Then the work begins again! Finally we were shown how finer textiles were pressed into paper, as they are too difficult to press out manually. These machines are very helpful but are somewhat slow and create a lot of heat when used.

What I can take away from this experience is that in order to be a textile designer you must be extremely creative and patient. No wonder there are so few left in Italy! I appreciated seeing the time and care that it took to create just one textile design. I also want to give a shoutout to one of the sweetest dogs ever, Swea!!!



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