Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

Last week we watched “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel”. This intimate documentary gave us an incredible look into the career and life of Diana Vreeland. This was a woman who revolutionized the fashion world by bringing inspiration from her own life and modern culture.

Considered ugly from her childhood, Diana gained inspiration from the many places she traveled, evolution in women’s dress, and dance. She started her career by happenstance, an invitation to work for a fashion magazine based on the dress she was wearing. Thankfully she accepted, and began a revolutionary article all about incredible “what ifs”. Later she became the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar.

Diana took this position on fearlessly. She transformed the boring, sexist articles for females into the most revolutionary ideas of beauty and fashion. She was one of the first editors to bring such strong attention to celebrities and models by using them in the most unique ways in magazine spreads. Diana also drew inspiration from far away countries and cultures. Nowhere was too far to find inspiration .

Diana was demanding in her career but it reaped incredible results. She never settled and could not be surprised. She was inspired by things that were not normally praised or recognized before, and that ballsy attitude is what really transformed the fashion world into what it is today.


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