Month: May 2014

Gucci Museo

A couple of weeks ago I took a visit the the Gucci Museum.  This incredible museum archived the history of the past 90 years of the Gucci label. The museum is broken down by themes and most icon items for Gucci. Some of the themes include Logomania, Lifestyle, Bamboo, Travel, and Handbags. There were some iconic Gucci dresses made famous by modern actresses.

An interesting aspect about Gucci is that they not only paid an incredible attention to detail with their predictable fashion items, but they also created unique items to entertain different types of costumers. For example, there was an elaborate travel game set that was uniquely Gucci.

Visiting the Gucci Museum was a unique experience because it made you feel like a client. The entrance was very formal; I was personally escorted and given a basic layout of the museum as I entered. Those small details are what make an experience memorable, something that fashion labels aim to do. This technique draws clients in and makes them feel like they are part of an exclusive club.